• On Love, Misrepresenting Jesus, and the Spirit of Self-Delusion - Rob Gagnon

    Posted: about 8 years ago

    Robert A. J. Gagnon provides notes on His recent debate with Jayne Ozanne. He says, "I find most problematic about Jayne that she at this stage of her life and involvement in the church still operates with a distorted and truncated view of what the basic message of the gospel is."

  • The Underlying Goal of Same-Sex Marriage Is Destructive - Mat Staver

    Posted: about 8 years ago

    According to Mat Staver, the church has not been defending the gospel. He says, "We tolerate a culture of promiscuity, divorce, and infidelity. It is time for the church to start teaching biblical sexuality, including natural marriage. Until then we will see religious liberties in America erode and secularism rule the day."

  • A Requiem for the Boy Scouts - Al Mohler

    Posted: 8 years ago

    Speaking to a national meeting of Boy Scouts of America leaders, B.S.A. President Robert Gates called for the acceptance of sodomites as scout leaders. In this article, Al Mohler makes the connection between Gates' capitulation and the former compromise of the B.S.A allowing "gay" boys to enter the ranks in 2013.

  • Seeking the Complete Financial Ruin of a Christian Family - Denny Burk

    Posted: 8 years ago

    Oregon bakers Aaron and Melissa Klein may have to pay as much as $150,000 to two sodomites who were denied a "wedding" cake. According to Denny Burk, the Kleins are being punished NOT because they refused to serve "gay" people, but rather because they refused to participate in something that was anti-Christian.

  • Transgender Contradiction at Smith College? - Denny Burk

    Posted: 8 years ago

    Denny Burk points out that absurd scenarios could develop as a result of an all-female college's attempt to accept "transgender" students. Burk observes that "willing progressives are forced into contradictions as they try to realign their institutions to accommodate transgenderism."

  • What the Media Isn’t Telling You Regarding the Arguments Over Same-Sex Marriage - Michael J. Kruger

    Posted: 8 years ago

    Michael J. Kruger criticizes Bonauto's pro-"gay marriage" arguments, which she gave during the recent court hearing, pointing out that "the logic being used to promote same-sex marriage could be used to support a variety of other sexually questionable forms of marriage."

  • Legalizing Same-Sex Marriage Would Undermine Basis of All US Law - Roger Golden

    Posted: 8 years ago

    Roger Golden argues that a ruling in favor of "same-sex marriage" would be detrimental to the United States, because it would be an abandonment of the Bible, the chief cornerstone upon which the moral laws of our nation are built.

  • In Defense of Marriage, the Rule of Law, and Ordered Liberty - Al Mohler

    Posted: 8 years ago

    Al Mohler commends the US Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit for supporting marriage as between one man and one woman, despite the likely possibility that the Supreme Court will overturn it's decision. He says the decision of the 6th Circuit "will stand the test of time, even if it does not stand the test of appeal."

  • Questioning the One-Sided Media Narrative on Transgender Children - Denny Burk

    Posted: 8 years ago

    Denny Burk challenges the popular assumption that the only way to help children with transgender feelings is by urging them to "change their gender." He argues that this approach is actually cruel and not loving to the child.

  • Does Christian Marriage Require a Civil License? - Rick Phillips

    Posted: 8 years ago

    Rick Phillips points out that while a license from the state isn't necessary to constitute a marriage, Christians should endeavor to have their marriages recognized by the state if possible.

  • “Same-Sex Marriage” and the Future - Russell Moore

    Posted: 8 years ago

    In this article, Russell Moore calls for the church to stand up and be the unpopular prophet when it comes to "same-sex marriage." The church can only accomplish this by preaching the true gospel.

  • Why Have Some Evangelicals Turned against Reparative Therapy? - Denny Burk

    Posted: 8 years ago

    In this article, Denny Burk explains why he opposes reparative therapy, arguing that effective change for those that are "gay" or "transgender" needs to come through the work of the Holy Spirit and not through medical processes. He says, "For Christians, the goal of change is holiness not heterosexuality."

  • A Seminary Professor Promotes Homosexual Unions - Rob Gagnon

    Posted: about 9 years ago

    Rob Gagnon critiques a chapter of J. R. Daniel Kirk's book, "Jesus Have I Loved, but Paul?" The title of the chapter: "Homosexuality under the Reign of Christ." Gagnon exposes Kirk's argument, which denies the obvious teaching of Scripture and misapplies Paul's teaching that in Christ there is neither male nor female.