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  • Roy Moore Announces He Will Run for U.S. Senate

    Source: - Posted: 7 years ago

    Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore plans to run in the upcoming special election for Alabama's seat in the U.S. Senate. Moore made his campaign plans official during a news conference on Wednesday. This comes after Moore's politically-motivated suspension was upheld by the special AL Supreme Court.

  • NC Legislators Sponsor Marriage-Defense Bill, Speaker Says It Will Not Be Heard

    Source: Defending Marriage - Posted: 7 years ago

    North Carolina Representatives Pittman, Speciale, Ford, and Brody have introduced House Bill 780, the “Uphold Historical Marriage Act,” which essentially declares Obergefell unconstitutional and states that North Carolina’s marriage amendment remains in effect. Speaker of the House Tim Moore has promised to make sure the bill dies before it gets to the House floor.

  • NC General Assembly Repeals HB2

    Source: Defending Marriage - Posted: 7 years ago

    Yesterday, the NC House and Senate repealed HB2 and replaced it with a weaker substitute. This came just days after Senate President Pro Tempore Phil Berger and House Speaker Tim Moore announced that they had reached an agreement with Gov. Roy Cooper on the issue. The repeal bill, House Bill 142, passed 32-16 in the Senate and 70-48 in the House.

  • Special AL Supreme Court Agrees to Expedite Roy Moore Appeal

    Source: Liberty Counsel - Posted: 7 years ago

    Chief Justice Roy Moore’s request to cancel oral argument in order to expedite his appeal has been approved by the Special Court. The oral argument in his case was scheduled for April 26, 2017, but that distant date places a great financial hardship on the Chief Justice and his family. Since the case is fully briefed and there is no reason to delay the final ruling, Chief Justice Moore requested that the Special Court cancel oral argument and expedite its decision.