• The Fall of Bill O’Reilly: A Warning for Us All – Heath Lambert

    Source: Association of Certified Biblical Counselors - Posted: 7 years ago

    "O’Reilly first came to prominence when I was a teenager, and has ruled cable news almost since that time. He was one of the most successful anchors in the history of broadcasting, and wielded enormous influence. Now he will slink off the scene in disgrace. There will be no retirement party. No sentimental retrospectives on his career. No farewell special with a who’s who of political leaders. . . . As Christians observe the pitiful end to all this success we can learn several crucial lessons."

  • Why the Transgender Debate Is About Redefining Reality – Joe Carter

    Source: The Gospel Coalition - Posted: 7 years ago

    The sexual revolution has so subverted public opinion and Christian-influenced morality that teachings about sex that were previously considered immoral or even unthinkable eventually found their way into the classroom as school policy. But a quicker and more effective route to societal change is to simply reverse the process: force an issue to become school policy and eventually opposition to it will become unthinkable.

  • HB2 “Repeal & Replace Bill” Not A Compromise Or A Solution

    Source: NC Family Policy Council - Posted: 7 years ago

    A bill filed in the N.C. House last week to “repeal and replace” HB2 is neither a compromise nor a viable solution to protect the privacy, safety and dignity of North Carolina citizens. House Bill 186 proposes to repeal HB2, the state’s Public Facilities Privacy and Safety Act, and replace it with a conglomeration of policies that will threaten the privacy, safety and dignity of citizens across North Carolina.

  • How Can Our Church Reach out to the Gay Community? – Kevin DeYoung

    Source: The Gospel Coalition - Posted: 7 years ago

    Kevin DeYoung addresses the often-asked question, "How can our church reach out to the gay community?" He says, "I’m never sure how to answer the question. For starters, I’m no authority on 'reaching the gay community.' Our church has always had men and women in it who struggle with same sex attraction. We have some good stories to tell and some disappointing stories, but experts we certainly are not. The other reason I’m hesitant to answer the question is that it’s one of those questions that can only be answered with more questions."

  • Removed for Righteousness Sake. . . Twice – Kevin Swanson Interviews AL Chief Justice Roy Moore

    Source: Generations - Posted: 7 years ago

    He was removed from his post as Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court. . . twice. In a nation that has rejected God's law, one man has stood against the insanity and the mass rebellion. Chief Justice Roy Moore joins Kevin Swanson on the Generations broadcast, to status his case, to challenge other Christians to faith and courage, and to warn what lies ahead for a nation that has gone astray.

  • You Are What—and How—You Read – Rosaria Butterfield

    Source: The Gospel Coalition - Posted: 7 years ago

    In this article, Rosaria Butterfield (author of The Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert) confronts three unbiblical ways of thinking about homosexuality: (1) The Freudian position, (2) The revisionist heresy, and (3) The reparative therapy heresy. "Worldview matters," Butterfield says. "And if we don't reach back before the 19th century, back to the Bible itself, the Westminster divines, and the Puritans, we will limp along, defeated."

  • Mark Shiver Interviews Dan Forest on HB2 and Other Matters

    Source: Freedom Action Network - Posted: 7 years ago

    Listen to Mark Shiver as he interviews Lt. Governor Dan Forest on his continued support for HB2. The interview is about 33 minutes long, with the discussion of HB2 lasting from 16:28 to 26:25.

  • Judicial Reform: Why the JIC and COJ Must Go in 2017 – Maggie Ford

    Source: Alabama Political Reporter - Posted: 7 years ago

    Alabama resident Maggie Ford writes about the need for judicial reform in light of Chief Justice Roy Moore's politically-motivated suspension from the bench: "Regardless of what you think about Chief Justice Moore, his case reminds us why unaccountable bodies policing the judiciary were never consistent with Alabama’s quest to preserve the integrity of the judiciary and a balanced government of the people. It’s time for a new judicial reform."

  • The Real Reason Porno Shops Don’t Have Windows – John Piper

    Source: The Gospel Coalition - Posted: 7 years ago

    Here are some good thoughts from John Piper on how to combat lust by meditating on God's magnificent creation: "Pure, lovely, wholesome, beautiful, powerful, large-hearted things cannot abide the soul of a sexual fantasy at the same time. I remember as I struggled with these things in my teenaged years and in my college years—I knew how I could fight most effectively in those days. And I’ve developed other strategies over the years that have proved very effective. And one way of fighting was simply to get out of the dark places, get out of the lonely rooms, get out of the boxed-in places, get out of the places where it’s just small me and my mind and what I can do with it, and get out where I am just surrounded by color and beauty and bigness and loveliness."

  • Love Your Neighbor Enough to Speak Truth – Rosaria Butterfield

    Source: The Gospel Coalition - Posted: 7 years ago

    Former Lesbian Rosaria Butterfield responds to Jen Hatmaker's assertion that LGBT relationships can be holy: "If I were still in the thick of the battle over the indwelling sin of lesbian desire, Jen’s words would have put a millstone around my neck."

  • Statement From Lt. Gov. Dan Forest on the Proposed Repeal of HB2

    Source: Office of Lt. Gov. Dan Forest - Posted: 7 years ago

    Lt. Governor Dan Forest releases the following statement regarding special session to repeal HB 2: "Charlotte repealed an ordinance that the General Assembly already voided months ago. I support HB 2 and do not favor its repeal. No economic, political or ideological pressure can convince me that what is wrong is right. It will always be wrong for men to have access to women's showers and bathrooms. If HB 2 is repealed, there will be nothing on the books to prevent another city or county to take us down this path again. The left has already publicly stated the removal of HB 2 is necessary for the rest of their agenda to move forward. With certainty, if HB 2 is repealed, we will fight this battle all over again with another city or county. The names will change, but the national groups who are pushing this agenda will not stop until their social engineering is accomplished. The only thing stopping them are those of us who continue to stand strong."

  • Tillerson: Trump’s First Clunker – Bryan Fischer

    Source: American Family Association - Posted: 7 years ago

    Bryan Fischer writes on Donald Trump's nomination of Rex Tillerson,—a pro-homosexual and pro-abortion activist—to Secretary of State: "To this point, I have been quite happy with Trump’s cabinet picks. But this choice is a clunker. Bottom line: Rex Tillerson is not qualified to serve this nation as Secretary of State."

  • Are Chip and Joanna Gaines ‘Cultural Heretics’? – Trevin Wax

    Source: The Gospel Coalition - Posted: 7 years ago

    Trevin Wax: "Supporters of same-sex marriage once leaned on libertarian terminology to make their case. 'Just live and let live,' we were told. Nowadays, despite surveys showing that only half of Americans support same-sex marriage, the traditional view, accepted by nearly all societies across the world for thousands of years, is treated as if it is a fringe position, worthy of public scorn."

  • Signposts: A Conversation With Rosaria Butterfield – Russell Moore

    Source: RussellMoore.com - Posted: 7 years ago

    In this special episode of Signposts, Russell Moore sits down with professor and author Rosaria Butterfield to talk about her conversion to Christ, her previous life as a lesbian, and what Christians need to remember when reaching out to the world around them.

  • Who really benefits from the lawsuit against Barronelle Stutzman? – Joseph Backholm & Chris Plante

    Source: Family Policy Institute of Washington - Posted: 7 years ago

    Hear what Joseph Backholm and Chris Plante have to say about the lawsuit against Barronelle Stutzman on this week's podcast episode of FYI.

  • The Mills of God Grind Slowly – Kevin Swanson

    Source: Generations - Posted: 7 years ago

    A Washington State florist and an Oregon baker have been persecuted badly for several years for their Christian faith. Court trials and exorbitant fines have been levied against them for refusing to support homosexual "weddings." Kevin Swanson and Bill Jack revisit the Baronelle Stutzman and Klein’s Bakery controversies in this edition of Generations Radio.

  • WA AG Continues to Fundraise Off Lawsuit Against Barronelle Stutzman – Joseph Backholm

    Source: Family Policy Institute of Washington - Posted: 7 years ago

    Who really benefits from the lawsuit against Barronelle Stutzman, the florist who didn't want to decorate a same-sex wedding? The Attorney General who is suing her. That's not how government should operate.

  • Moral Philosophy and Marriage – Kevin DeYoung

    Source: The Gospel Coalition - Posted: 7 years ago

    Here's another good article by Kevin DeYoung: "In Witherspoon’s Lectures on Moral Philosophy, he has a small section on the meaning of marriage. It is interesting to see how Witherspoon, a confessional Presbyterian, understands marriage to be an institution oriented not first of all toward personal fulfillment, but to the protection of children."

  • A Few Brief Thoughts on the Hatmaker Hermeneutic – Kevin DeYoung

    Source: The Gospel Coalition - Posted: 7 years ago

    In this must-read, Kevin DeYoung responds to Brandon Hatmaker on what the Bible says about homosexual behavior: "If we tug at the Bible’s teaching on sex, family, and marriage–the basics of which have been affirmed for two millennia and are still affirmed by almost all Christians outside the West—we will lose more than logical and hermeneutical consistency. We lose important elements of the gospel itself."

  • Court Justices or Court Jesters?: The Mishandling of the Moore Case – Hannah Ford

    Source: Alabama Political Reporter - Posted: 7 years ago

    Fact: Lyn Stuart is biased against Chief Justice Moore. When the Judicial Inquiry Commission files charges against a judge — nothing is over. You don’t rearrange things, you don’t clear the office computers, and you don’t move the executive assistant. If you do, you’re partial. When an illegal decision from the Court of the Judiciary is on appeal, you don’t act like it’s over, you don’t fire staff, you don’t ask the judge to clean house and hand over keys, and you don’t change the stationery — unless, of course, you’re blatantly partial.

  • The Last Man Standing Against Judicial Tyranny – Bryan Fischer

    Source: American Family Association - Posted: 7 years ago

    Here's a good article from Bryan Fischer on the Roy Moore case: "Stopping judicial tyranny is like the weather: everybody talks about it, but nobody does anything about it. Nobody, that is, except for Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore. He is the last man standing against judicial tyranny."

  • The Case of Chief Justice Moore is Not Over (Video)

    Source: Sanctity of Marriage Alabama - Posted: 7 years ago

    WOW. Did you watch this hard-hitting response to Chief Justice Roy Moore's effective removal? It's a message from the people of Alabama who elected Chief Justice Moore (twice) to the Court of the Judiciary.

  • What the Media Isn’t Telling You About Chief Justice Roy Moore

    Source: Sanctity of Marriage Alabama - Posted: 7 years ago

    If you're not a lawyer (and even if you are sometimes), it can get pretty overwhelming trying to figure out what is going on with the courts. Many of you have probably felt this way about the Chief Justice Roy Moore case. Why is he in trouble? Did he do something wrong, or did he just get on the wrong side of some kind of political agenda? Sanctity of Marriage Alabama clears up these kinds of questions with this straightforward timeline of events. Well worth the read.

  • They’ll Never Come After Churches… Until They Do – Denny Burk

    Source: DennyBurk.com - Posted: 7 years ago

    Here's a really Insightful post from Denny Burk. "The Massachusetts Commission against Discrimination issued a document last week titled 'Gender Identity Guidance,' " Burk says. "Among other things, it requires places of public accommodation to acknowledge and affirm transgender identities. . . . What does this mean? It means that the activists are not going to leave churches alone. They are coming for churches to make them conform or risk sanction by the state. It’s already happening in Massachusetts. I expect it to will spread to other states as well."

  • Ask Not for Whom the Volcano Erupts; It Erupts for Thee: A Response to David Gushee – Albert Mohler

    Source: AlbertMohler.com - Posted: 7 years ago

    Christians in America now face a moment of judgment at the hands of a secular culture that grows more intensely adversarial with each passing day. Churches, institutions, and individuals committed to the Christian church’s historic sexual ethic, held consistently over two millennia, now find themselves faced with a stark choice — join the sexual revolution or face the consequences.