• NC General Assembly Repeals HB2

    Defending Marriage Staff - March 31, 2017

    ​Yesterday, the NC House and Senate repealed HB2 and replaced it with a weaker substitute. This came just days after Senate President Pro Tempore Phil Berger and House Speaker Tim Moore announced that they had reached an agreement with Gov. Roy Cooper on the issue. The repeal bill, House Bill 142, passed 32-16 in the Senate and 70-48 in the House.

    Taking the opposite side, Lt. Gov. Dan Forest released a statement explaining why he opposed the repeal:

    If HB2 was right to begin with, which I believe it was, then why are we repealing it? If it is wrong, then why wait four years to fix it? Such ambiguity undercuts the legitimacy of a law that we have fought so hard to defend. We are yielding the moral high ground and giving in to a new form of corporate extortion from an unaccountable, out of state, non-elected, tax-exempt organization (NCAA) and for what?... a ballgame? Why are we allowing them to dictate to us, laws that govern the protection of our people? We should have the backbone to tell them to take a hike.

    Also, as the bill was being debated on the NC House floor, Rep. Bert Jones brought a distinctly-Christian worldview to bear on the issue. Below is a recording of his remarks. We need more legislators like this in North Carolina.

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