• Repeating Past Errors in Responding to Obergefell - David Fowler

    Source: Family Action Council of Tennessee - Posted: 8 years ago

    David Fowler says conservatives should challenge the unlawful Obergefell ruling rather than just move on and try to protect religious liberty. He says, "So, in response to Obergefell, I have to ask myself, our state legislators, the members of Tennessee’s Congressional delegation, and you, 'Will we learn from our failure in the 1960s to address the real problem—an overreaching Supreme Court—or will we just retreat to addressing symptoms, like future attacks on religious liberty?'"

  • Tennessee Exempting Obergefell? - Leaders Who Fear God - Kevin Swanson (Podcast)

    Source: Generations Radio - Posted: 8 years ago

    Kevin Swanson talks about the county commissioners and the state legislators in Tennessee who are working to resist Obergefell, and oppose the Supreme Court of the United States. Swanson points out how important it is for civil magistrates to fear God, since He really does judge nations.

  • Bad News, Indeed — Playboy Opened the Floodates and Now the Culture is Drowning - Al Mohler

    Source: albertmohler.com - Posted: 8 years ago

    Dr. R. Albert Mohler reflects on the massive gains pornography has made in the American culture. According to Mohler, Playboy recently announced it would cease the publication of nude photographs of women in its magazine. From any moral perspective, that should appear as good news. A closer look at the story, however, reveals a very different moral reality. The publishers of the magazine acknowledged that their product was no longer commercially viable, because pornography is so pervasive in the Internet age that no one need buy their product.

  • If a State Supreme Court Resisted Obergefell, Other States Might Follow - Judge Parker (Podcast)

    Source: American Family Association - Posted: 8 years ago

    Bryan Fischer of the American Family Association interviews Alabama Supreme Court Justice Tom Parker, who thinks that if one state supreme court stood up and resisted the unlawful Supreme Court same-sex "marriage" ruling, it could start a revival among the other state governments.

  • SCOTUS Ruling Does Not Apply to Alabama - AL Supreme Court Justice Tom Parker (Podcast)

    Source: American Family Association - Posted: 8 years ago

    Bryan Fischer of the American Family Association interviews Alabama Supreme Court Justice Tom Parker, who explains why the U.S. Supreme Court’s marriage opinion, known as Obergefell v. Hodges, is not applicable to Alabama officials and should be ignored.

  • Where Is the Supreme Court of Alabama on Gay Marriage? - Eunie Smith & John H. Killian

    Source: AL.com - Posted: 8 years ago

    In this article, Eunie Smith and Dr. John H. Killian call upon the Supreme Court of Alabama to affirm it's support for the law and disregard the lawless Obergefell opinion. They say, "The Alabama Supreme Court should act immediately to protect the sincerely held religious beliefs of our citizens and the sanctity of the institution of marriage – as adopted by 81% of Alabama voters. They should not leave the citizens of Alabama to wonder, 'Where is the Supreme Court of Alabama?'"

  • Harvard Doc Fired for Telling Truth About Homosexuality - Bryan Fischer

    Source: American Family Association - Posted: 8 years ago

    Bryan Fischer weighs in on the firing of Dr. Paul Church from a Boston hospital for declaring that homosexuality is unhealthy and immoral. He says, "I’ve often made the point that the homosexual agenda represents the biggest threat to religious liberty in our nation’s history. This is for the simple reason that every advance of the homosexual agenda comes at the expense of religious liberty. As the gay agenda advances, religious liberty is forced into retreat."

  • Say Goodbye to Bride and Groom in Florida - Michael Brown

    Source: askdrbrown.org - Posted: 8 years ago

    In this article, Dr. Michael Brown explains how abandoning terms such as "husband" and "wife" is a necessary consequence of redefining marriage. This is already happening in states like Florida and California. "But all is not lost," says Dr. Brown. "True marriage – natural marriage, marriage the way God intended it from the beginning (see Jesus’ words in Matthew 19:4-6) – will endure, while radically redefined marriage will undo itself."

  • A Voice Not Yet Crying in the Wilderness: Pope Francis Misses a Big One - Rob Gagnon

    Source: robgagnon.net - Posted: 8 years ago

    Dr. Robert A. J. Gagnon weighs in on Pope Francis' recent speech to the US Congress. He says, "Pope Francis said nothing in this speech that would undermine the widespread assessment of his papacy (true or not) as toning down traditional Catholic concerns for dual-sex marriage and the protection of the unborn."

  • Five Suggestions for Christians in the Midst of the Sexual Revolution - Kevin DeYoung

    Source: The Gospel Coalition - Posted: 8 years ago

    Hardly a week goes by without another social media parade marching by in celebration of the sexual revolution. How should evangelical Christians and evangelical churches respond? Kevin Deyoung provides five suggestions: (1) Do not be shrill, (2) Do not be silent, (3) Do not neglect singles, (4) Do not outsmart yourself, and (5) Do not be scared. He concludes with, "Turn every thought of panic into a commitment to plan and an attitude of prayer. Our God tends to do his best work when the odds are most stacked against him."

  • The News Host Who Is Male and Female and Why I Won’t Stop Speaking Out - Michael Brown

    Source: askdrbrown.org - Posted: 8 years ago

    Dr. Michael Brown speaks out on some of the insane attempts of schools, news broadcasters and individuals to eliminate gender distinctions. He says, "Nothing is more fundamental than male-female distinctions, and that’s why we must draw a line in the sand and say, 'No more!' to the war on gender. And we can do this while looking for compassionate solutions to help those who genuinely struggle with gender identity issues."

  • Why Evangelicals Will Not Be Surrendering to the Sexual Revolution - Russell Moore

    Source: First Things - Posted: 8 years ago

    In this article, Russel D. Moore explains why evangelicals will not be surrendering to the sexual revolution. He says: "In post-Obergefell America, Evangelicals and other orthodox Christians will be unable to outrun our freakishness. That is no reason for panic. Some will suggest that a Christian sexual ethic puts the churches on the 'wrong side of history.' Well, we’ve been on the wrong side of history since a.d. 33. The 'right side of history' was the Eternal City of Rome. And then the right side of history was the French Revolution. And then the right side of history was scientific naturalism and state socialism. And yet, there stands Jesus still, on the wrong side of history but at the right hand of the Father."

  • Fuller Seminary Takes a Stand - Rob Gagnon

    Source: First Things - Posted: 8 years ago

    Dr. Robert A. J. Gagnon comments on Fuller Seminary's decision not to offer tenure to a New Testament professor based on his non-biblical view of marriage. Gagnon says, "Although a decision such as this is never made happily or easily, I am grateful for the courage of senior faculty at Fuller Seminary in asserting the importance of a stance on sexual ethics that Jesus clearly regarded as foundational: a male-female requirement for sexual relations (Mark 10:2-12; Matt 19:3-9). Had Fuller set a precedent of embracing faculty whose position toward sexual ethics was so at odds with Jesus’s own, it would soon have ceased to be an evangelical institution."

  • 10 Questions For Rule-of-Law Critics Of Kim Davis - Joe Rigney

    Source: The Federalist - Posted: 8 years ago

    Joe Rigney asks ten questions to Christians who think that Kim Davis is violating the "rule of law" by resisting the Obergefell v. Hodges decision. He says, "Who has violated the rule of law here? Is it Davis or the Supreme Court? If, as many conservatives argue, Obergefell v. Hodges is a legal abomination, and there is no right to same-sex “marriage” in the Constitution, isn’t Davis actually seeking to uphold the constitutional order, the one that we wrote down so we wouldn’t lose it (as opposed to the one that’s rattling around in Anthony Kennedy’s head, which, like all marbles, tends to get lost rather easily)?"

  • Is Kim Davis a State Criminal? An out of Control Christian? - Harry Reeder

    Source: Yellow Hammer - Posted: 8 years ago

    Dr. Harry L. Reeder III weighs in on the Kim Davis case. He says, "Kim Davis is right not to sign and affirm a so-called law affirming 'same-sex marriage' with the devastations, sexual anarchy and relational carnage it will bring. Furthermore, she should be commended for not resigning to go quietly away which many would desire. Then admirably she is willing to suffer the persecution of judicial tyranny, thereby forcing a nation to address the Constitutionality of this issue and professing Christians to address it personally."

  • Clerk the Only One Obeying the Law - Bryan Fischer

    Source: American Family Association - Posted: 8 years ago

    Bryan Fischer explains why Kim Davis is one of the few government officials who is NOT breaking the law. He says, "A corollary to the maxim that we are a nation of laws is that we are decidedly NOT a nation of 'rulings.' A court ruling is not a 'law,' it is a 'ruling.' It may have the force of law due to the abject acquiescence of a meekly compliant people, but it is not a law. A 'law' is not a 'law' unless it is enacted according to constitutional procedure. Under our Constitution, courts have no power to make or change law, none whatsoever."

  • The Constitution Supports Kim Davis - Mike Huckabee

    Source: MikeHuckabee.com - Posted: 8 years ago

    Former Arkansas Governor and 2016 GOP presidential candidate Mike Huckabee has issued a statement in support of Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis. He says, "Kim is asking the perfect question: 'Under what law am I authorized to issue homosexual couples a marriage license?' That simple question is giving many in Congress a civics lesson that they never got in grade school. The Supreme Court cannot and did not make a law. They only made a ruling on a law. Congress makes the laws. Because Congress has made no law allowing for same sex marriage, Kim does not have the Constitutional authority to issue a marriage license to homosexual couples."

  • ‘In this World You Will Have Trouble’ — Welcome to Rowan County - Al Mohler

    Source: albertmohler.com - Posted: 8 years ago

    Al Mohler comments on the recent arrest of Kentucky Clerk Kim Davis: "What this story reveals beyond the headlines is that the moral revolution on marriage and human sexuality will leave nothing as it was before. No area of life will be untouched, and no address will be far removed from the front lines of the revolution. This story comes from Rowan County, Kentucky. A County Clerk is headed for jail. A legion of Christians struggles to be faithful in their own situations, responsibilities, and callings. Jesus told his disciples: 'In this world you will have trouble' (John 16:33). Welcome to Rowan County."

  • I Call upon Every Believer to Stand with Kim Davis - Ted Cruz

    Source: tedcruz.org - Posted: 8 years ago

    U.S. Sen. Cruz, R-Texas, released a statement today regarding the arrest of Kentucky Clerk Kim Davis. He said, “Today, judicial lawlessness crossed into judicial tyranny. Today, for the first time ever, the government arrested a Christian woman for living according to her faith. This is wrong. This is not America."

  • Why Kim Davis Is Doing the Right Thing - Herbert W. Titus and William J. Olson

    Source: Western Journalism - Posted: 8 years ago

    Rowan County, Kentucky, Clerk Kim Davis has just lost her application in the U.S. Supreme Court for a stay of a federal court order requiring her to issue a marriage license to a couple of the same sex. Denial of the stay puts Clerk Davis in a difficult situation. She is being called back before the District Court on Thursday morning to give an account for her behavior. Although the nation’s press has portrayed her as lawless, this one courageous lady is standing in the gap, defending the rule of law against judicial tyranny.

  • Ashley Madison and the Death of Monogamy - Al Mohler

    Posted: 8 years ago

    Dr. R. Albert Mohler Jr. writes on the recent Ashley Madison hack, which has exposed 37 million users of the adultery-promoting website. The motto of Ashley Madison is, “Life is short. Have an affair.” Mohler ends his article with, "Life is indeed short, and so is the Seventh Commandment: 'You shall not commit adultery.'"

  • Zis is What I Call Social Madness - Michael Brown

    Posted: 8 years ago

    The University of Tennessee-Knoxville, is calling on all students to use gender inclusive pronouns like “ze, hir, zir, xe, xem and xyr” in order to make the campus “welcoming and inclusive for all. On another front, Bruce “Caitlyn” Jenner has said that he would like to date a man so that he could be treated like a woman. Dr. Michael Brown again asks the question, "Is the whole world going mad?"

  • Is There Any Actual Demand for Same-Sex Marriage? - Joe Carter

    Posted: 8 years ago

    On June 26, 2015, the Supreme Court declared same-sex "marriage" to be "legal" in all 50 states. One question the Court ignored—and which few people ever truly considered—was whether there is an actual demand for same-sex "marriage." Joe Carter looks at the statistics and concludes that very few Americans who identify as "LGBT" are actually interested in entering into a "marriage" with someone of the same sex. The pro-homosexual agenda is not about expanding marriage, it's about normalizing homosexual behavior.

  • When ‘Discernment’ Leads to Disaster - Al Mohler

    Posted: 8 years ago

    The historic First Baptist Church of Greenville, South Carolina, announced in May that it would declare itself be “open and welcoming” to all people and that it would allow same-sex "marriage" and ordain openly homosexual ministers. In this article, Al Mohler explains how First Baptist Greenville's acceptance of homosexuality is a direct result of it's rejection of Scriptural inerrancy.

  • We Will Not Bow - John MacArthur

    Posted: 8 years ago

    John MacArthur provides some helpful Scriptural insights about America's attempt to obliterate the family. We must preach the gospel, but we must also preach judgment.