March, 2017

  • NC General Assembly Repeals HB2

    Source: Defending Marriage - Posted: 8 months ago

    Yesterday, the NC House and Senate repealed HB2 and replaced it with a weaker substitute. This came just days after Senate President Pro Tempore Phil Berger and House Speaker Tim Moore announced that they had reached an agreement with Gov. Roy Cooper on the issue. The repeal bill, House Bill 142, passed 32-16 in the Senate and 70-48 in the House.

  • How Should a Christian Respond to “Gay Marriage”? – Ken Ham

    Source: Answers in Genesis - Posted: 9 months ago

    In this article, Ken Ham makes the connection between society's growing acceptance of "gay marriage" and it's rejection of God's Word as morally authoritative.

  • Special AL Supreme Court Agrees to Expedite Roy Moore Appeal

    Source: Liberty Counsel - Posted: 9 months ago

    Chief Justice Roy Moore’s request to cancel oral argument in order to expedite his appeal has been approved by the Special Court. The oral argument in his case was scheduled for April 26, 2017, but that distant date places a great financial hardship on the Chief Justice and his family. Since the case is fully briefed and there is no reason to delay the final ruling, Chief Justice Moore requested that the Special Court cancel oral argument and expedite its decision.

  • Why the Transgender Debate Is About Redefining Reality – Joe Carter

    Source: The Gospel Coalition - Posted: 9 months ago

    The sexual revolution has so subverted public opinion and Christian-influenced morality that teachings about sex that were previously considered immoral or even unthinkable eventually found their way into the classroom as school policy. But a quicker and more effective route to societal change is to simply reverse the process: force an issue to become school policy and eventually opposition to it will become unthinkable.

  • In a Shift Under Trump, Justice Department Backs off Request to Halt HB2

    Source: The Charlotte Observer - Posted: 9 months ago

    The Justice Department wrote in a motion recently that it needs time to rethink its 2016 request to halt North Carolina’s HB2. The federal judge responded on Friday with a stay that freezes efforts started by lawyers working under President Barack Obama to block the law with a preliminary injunction.

  • Does Scripture Forbid Same-Sex Relationships? – Rob Gagnon vs Jayne Ozanne

    Source: Premier Christian Radio - Posted: 9 months ago

    Professor Robert Gagnon has become a well-known voice advocating the traditional biblical view on sexuality. In a highly charged show he debates the scriptural issues on sexuality with Jayne Ozanne, the director of Accepting Evangelicals who came out as homosexual in 2015.

  • HB2 “Repeal & Replace Bill” Not A Compromise Or A Solution

    Source: NC Family Policy Council - Posted: 9 months ago

    A bill filed in the N.C. House last week to “repeal and replace” HB2 is neither a compromise nor a viable solution to protect the privacy, safety and dignity of North Carolina citizens. House Bill 186 proposes to repeal HB2, the state’s Public Facilities Privacy and Safety Act, and replace it with a conglomeration of policies that will threaten the privacy, safety and dignity of citizens across North Carolina.

  • 14 Republicans Sign on To HB2-Repeal Bill

    Source: Defending Marriage - Posted: 9 months ago

    14 Republicans in the NC House of Representatives have signed on as sponsors of HB186, a bill that would fully repeal HB2. Do any of them represent you? Then please give them a call, and let them know that backtracking on principle is not what you elected them for.

  • Roy Moore Files Motion to Expedite Case

    Source: Liberty Counsel - Posted: 9 months ago

    Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore has filed a Motion to Expedite his appeal with the special Alabama Supreme Court and is willing to waive oral argument to speed up the resolution of his case.

  • Foundation for Moral Law: Texas Should Disregard Obergefell

    Source: Foundation for Moral Law - Posted: 9 months ago

    The Foundation for Moral Law (“Foundation”) has filed an amicus brief with the Texas Supreme Court in Case No. 15-0688, Pidgeon v. Turner. The question before the court is whether Obergefell should be applied narrowly—limited to the issuing of marriage licenses—or broadly, affecting spousal benefits and other incidents of marriage. The Foundation’s amicus brief provides a unique perspective. Arguing that Obergefell is a wholly illegitimate decision with no basis in the Constitution, a pure act of judicial will that usurps the legislative power, the Foundation encourages the justices of the Texas Supreme Court, in fulfillment of their oath to the Constitution, to give it no effect.