• Jesus on Gender and Marriage — Bryan Fischer

    Source: American Family Association - Posted: 8 years ago

    Bryan Fischer makes it clear that the Christian view of marriage is based on the teaching of the Lord Jesus Christ Himself. He says: "While these issues may seem complex, they aren’t. How do we know the answers are simple and straightforward? Because Jesus gave them to us......Bottom line: to those of you who vigorously and even hatefully disagree with me about gender and marriage, your issue is not with me. It’s with Jesus. Maybe it’s best if you take it up with him."

  • Turning American Law Upside down for the Transgendered — David French

    Source: National Review - Posted: 8 years ago

    David French comments on the new statement from the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights condemning laws that "target" homosexuals and transexuals. "The Commission has issued a declaration of war — not just on religious liberty but also on the First Amendment writ large," French says. "After all, if the new religion of nondiscrimination is now legally “preeminent,” then every other civil liberty can be cast aside in the name of ending 'transphobia.' Four centuries of American legal and cultural tradition are thus rendered less important than the 'dignity' of those who demand mixed-gender bathrooms."

  • An Agenda of Hate — Kayla Moore

    Source: Alabama Political Reporter - Posted: 8 years ago

    Foundation for Moral Law President Kayla Moore responds to Vanzetta McPherson's inflammatory and disrespectful opinion column attacking Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore. "McPherson and the SPLC are on a mission to cleanse the public square of all official utterances critical of the homosexual lifestyle and so-called same-sex marriage," Moore says. "In that campaign Christian conservatives are the main target."

  • Same-Sex Marriage: The Sanctity of an Oath and the Duty to Disregard — John Hostettler

    Source: Barbwire - Posted: 8 years ago

    In this article written just ten days before the Obergefell opinion was released, former congressman John Hostettler argues that state officials are duty-bound to obey the Constitution first. He says: "If it had been the intention of the Constitution’s framers to exclusively delegate all questions of Constitutional finality to the unelected, life-tenured members of the U.S. Supreme Court . . . Article VI of the United States Constitution would have been the place in the U.S. Constitution where this peculiar doctrine would have been made obvious. From its omission, it is clear that this was never the Framers’ intent."

  • Business Opposition To HB 2 Is “HRC-Orchestrated,” Not Organic — John Rustin

    Source: NC Family Policy Council - Posted: 8 years ago

    NC Family Policy Council President John L. Rustin writes on the more than 120 CEOs who have publicly condemned the blocking of Charlotte's nondiscrimination ordinance. He says: "While LGBT activist groups would like for us all to believe this was a spontaneous uprising of indignation among the state and national business community, a closer examination reveals that it is actually part of a carefully orchestrated campaign by the HRC and its network of allies."

  • Comprehensive Sexual Education is on a Roll — Kevin Swanson (Podcast)

    Source: Generations Radio - Posted: 8 years ago

    Generations Radio Host Kevin Swanson takes a look at the rise in comprehensive sex education and the weak attempt to bring abstinence sex education into the public schools. A right perspective of the uses of the law of God will help us understand why pure moralism in the public schools, paid for by $1 billion of tax monies, won’t fix the problem. He suggests something better: parents teaching Proverbs 1:7, 5, and 7, as well as the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

  • Nathan Deal’s Craven Capitulation on Georgia’s Religious-Liberty Bill — David French

    Source: National Review - Posted: 8 years ago

    Attorney David French criticizes Gov. Nathan Deal for vetoing Georgia's religious freedom bill. He says: "And experts wonder why the Republican establishment is now in full retreat, facing the wrath of the grassroots. Again and again, when GOP politicians face a choice between the people who put them in office and pressure from progressive corporations and the progressive media, the politicians back the social-justice warriors. Out of pure fear. It’s disgusting to watch."

  • Accepting Transgenderism Is Child Abuse — Bryan Fischer

    Source: American Family Association - Posted: 8 years ago

    Bryan Fischer asserts that accepting transgenderism in a child is a form of child abuse, citing a study from the American College of Pediatricians. He says, "The ACP quite correctly asserts that 'facts - not ideology - determine reality.' The Bible asserts on its first page that there are just two genders - 'male and female' - and not five, as homosexual activists want us to believe, or 58 like Facebook wants us to believe."

  • Religious Liberties Fizzling Fast in Georgia — Kevin Swanson (Podcast)

    Source: Generations Radio - Posted: 8 years ago

    Georgia’s Republican Governor Nathan Deal says that Jesus wouldn’t discriminate against homosexuals when it comes to officiating homosexual "weddings." The Religious Liberty bill in Georgia is dying the slow death of a thousand qualifications, a harbinger of what is to come across the country. Generations Radio Host Kevin Swanson takes a look at the corporate bullies that threaten to boycott the State of Georgia if it doesn’t force pastors to perform homosexual "weddings."

  • Official Statement on Voiding the Charlotte Bathroom Ordinance — Dan Forest (Video)

    Source: Lt. Gov. Dan Forest - Posted: 8 years ago

    In this 2-minute video, North Carolina Lt. Gov. Dan Forest explains that the General Assembly blocked Charlotte's nondiscrimination ordinance in order to protect women's privacy. He says: "In accordance with the power vested to them by the people through the State Constitution, the General Assembly put a stop to this ordinance, before it went into effect, with no apologies. As long as I am in a position to do so, I will do everything in my power to make sure that women and children are protected from those who seek to do them harm."

  • The Withering of Vice and the Sexual Revolution — Al Mohler

    Source: AlbertMohler.com - Posted: 8 years ago

    Dr. R. Albert Mohler Jr. writes on what caused the Sexual Revolution to occur. He says, "The question remains, how did all this happen? As already noted, the sexual revolution did not emerge in a vacuum. Modern societies created a context for moral revolution that had never been available in intellectual terms before. In other words, certain cultural conditions had to prevail in order for the revolution to get the traction it needed to succeed. One of the things we need to note is that we are looking at an explicitly cosmopolitan revolution."

  • My Views on Gay Marriage Shouldn’t Stop Me from Being a Social Worker — Felix Ngole

    Source: Community Care - Posted: 8 years ago

    UK student Felix Ngole is appealing a university’s decision to expel him from his social work degree after he posted anti-"gay marriage" views on Facebook. A university conduct panel found Ngole’s actions would affect his ability to carry out his role as a social worker. The case has sparked fierce debate over whether the university’s decision was correct. Here, Ngole sets out his side of the story.

  • Alabama: How to Break the Back of Judicial Tyranny — Bryan Fischer

    Source: American Family Association - Posted: 8 years ago

    Bryan Fischer writes about the Alabama Supreme Court's recent decision to reject the Obergefell ruling as unconstitutional. He says, "Justice Roy Moore and the Alabama Supreme Court have done the nation a historic service here. We have been mired in a bog of liberty-suffocating judicial tyranny for decades and they have shown us the way to freedom and the restoration of a constitutional republic."

  • Sanders vs. All Traditional Marriage Proponents: He’s Coming to Get You Bigots — Rob Gagnon

    Source: The American Spectator - Posted: 8 years ago

    Dr. Robert A. J. Gagnon lays out plain and simple what Bernie Sanders has promised to do to biblical marriage supporters if he is elected president. Gagnon asks, "Do you really want to vote for someone (Sanders or Clinton) who views you and your family as hateful, ignorant bigots and who intends to codify that view into law and attenuate the civil liberties of you and your children, at school, in the workplace, and in Christian associations?"

  • Will TN’s Department of Education Flush Biological Differences down the Toilet? — David Fowler

    Source: Family Action Council of Tennessee - Posted: 8 years ago

    David Fowler writes in support of TN House Bill 2414, a bill that would keep schools from allowing students to use the wrong bathroom. Fowler also criticizes the Tennessee Department of Education for their opposition to the bill. "When I got into state politics 22 years ago, I never thought I would see the legislature having to debate certain things like who can use a bathroom designated for males," Fowler says. "But perhaps the most shocking thing of all is that the Tennessee Department of Education is officially okay with our public schools allowing boys to use the restrooms and locker facilities designated for girls."

  • Everything That is Solid Melts Into Air — The New Secular Worldview — Al Mohler

    Source: AlbertMohler.com - Posted: 8 years ago

    This post is the third in a four part series on the relationship between secularization and the sexual revolution. Dr. Albert Mohler writes: "The story of the rise of secularism is a stunning intellectual and moral revolution. It defies exaggeration. We must recognize that it is far more pervasive than we might want to believe, for this intellectual revolution has changed the worldviews of even those who believe themselves to be opposed to it. Everything is now reduced to choice, and choice is, as Taylor reminds us, central to the moral project of late modernity, the project of individual authenticity."

  • Governor John Kasich’s Completely Unacceptable Remarks About Religious Liberty — Denny Burk

    Source: DennyBurk.com - Posted: 8 years ago

    Recently, Governor John Kasich made some very disturbing comments on same-sex "marriage" and religious liberty. "If you’re a cupcake maker and somebody wants a cupcake, make them a cupcake," he said. "Let’s not have a big lawsuit or argument over all this stuff — move on." Denny Burk responds: "Either Kasich doesn’t understand the religious liberty issues at stake in these cases, or he is intentionally building a straw man against rights of conscience. In either case, his remarks would be disqualifying not just for Christian voters but for anyone who cares about religious liberty."

  • The Secularization of the West and the Rise of a New Morality — Al Mohler

    Source: AlbertMohler.com - Posted: 8 years ago

    In this article, Dr. Albert Mohler continues to write on the secular worldview that caused the modern sexual revolution. He says, "The new sexual morality did not emerge from a vacuum. Massive intellectual changes at the worldview level over the last 200 years set the stage for the revolution in which we currently find ourselves."

  • Alabama’s Elected Officials Should Stand on the Law; Say No to SCOTUS Marriage Opinion — Hannah Ford

    Source: Montgomery Advertiser - Posted: 8 years ago

    Hannah Ford responds to columnist Vanzetta McPherson, who recently labeled Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore an "actor," and his latest order, "lunacy." "This is no 'movie,'" Ford says. "This is a battle for the soul of this nation. Right and wrong, truth and falsehood, the rule of law and a destructive political agenda. They war against each other and much is at stake."

  • A Giant has Fallen — The Death of Justice Antonin Scalia — Al Mohler

    Source: AlbertMohler.com - Posted: 8 years ago

    In this article Dr. R. Albert Mohler Jr. writes on Antonin Scalia's service as a Supreme Court Justice and the effect that his death will have on constitutional government in America. He says, "Antonin Scalia is almost surely the most influential justice to sit on the Supreme Court in many decades. The loss of his influence, as well as his his crucial vote, is monumental."

  • “Transparent” and the Art of Propaganda Squads — Trevin Wax

    Source: The Gospel Coalition - Posted: 8 years ago

    In this article, Trevin Wax analyzes the Amazon Prime television show, "Transparent"—a show about an older man who transitions to a "female" persona. Wax says, "Our society’s songs, movies, and books don’t just communicate a message; some of them they may actually be specifically designed to promote a political cause. The ability to recognize propaganda and analyze it from the lens of a biblical worldview is more necessary than ever before."

  • Will Women Be Forced to Register for the Military Draft? - Joe Carter

    Source: The Gospel Coalition - Posted: 8 years ago

    Joe Carter writes on the possibility of women being drafted into the U.S. Military, which leaders in the Army and Marine Corps support, along with three GOP presidential candidates. He says, "Forcing women to register with the Selective Service is likely to happen within the next few years. But the need for them to be drafted is likely still decades away. In the meantime, we can continue to pray for a moral revolution, and that we’ll wake up to the realization that a nation that sends its young women to fight its wars is a nation that may no longer be worth defending."

  • Secularization and the Sexual Revolution (Part 1) - Al Mohler

    Source: AlbertMohler.com - Posted: 8 years ago

    In this article, Dr. R. Albert Mohler Jr. writes on the progress of the sexual revolution. He says, "And yet, even as we understand this revolution to be a new thing, its roots are not recent. As a matter of fact, the church has seen the sexual revolution taking place turn by turn for the better part of the last century. What now becomes clear is that most Christians vastly underestimated the challenge this sexual revolution would present."

  • Anglican Church Issues Sanctions over Gay ‘Marriage’ Policies - Ken Ham

    Source: Answers in Genesis - Posted: 8 years ago

    In this article, Ken Ham writes on the Anglican Church's decision to sanction the U.S. Episcopal Church for it's unbiblical views on marriage. He says, "It’s encouraging to see a denomination taking some punitive steps against compromise on marriage. We are finding that it’s becoming increasingly common for churches to ignore God’s Word and instead pander to the message of 'inclusivity' that’s popular in our culture today."

  • ALERT: Charlotte Leaders Need To Hear From You! - NC Family Policy Council

    Source: NC Family Policy Council - Posted: 8 years ago

    In this alert, the staff at the NC Family Policy Council speak out on Charlotte's proposed “public accommodation” ordinance: "The Charlotte City Council could vote as early as February 8th on a hazardous policy change that would put women, children, and families in the Queen City at great risk. Even if you do not live in the Charlotte area, this could be a precedent setting action that could impact the entire state, so Charlotte leaders need to hear from you NOW!"