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  • 15 Ways to Fight Lust with the Sword of the Spirit — Kevin DeYoung

    Source: The Gospel Coalition - Posted: 7 years ago

    Pastor Kevin DeYoung writes on the destruction of the Seventh Commandment in this country. He says: "It is almost impossible in the Western world to escape sensuality. Sex is on the television, in the movies and in our music, on the side of buses, during halftime shows, in our books and in glossy close-ups at supermarket check-out." So how do we continue to obey the Seventh Commandment? DeYoung gives us 15 passages of Scripture to help us fight temptation.

  • Why “Gay Marriage” Is Wrong — Rob Gagnon

    Source: - Posted: 7 years ago

    Rob Gagnon explains why advocating for "gay marriage" is wrong. He says, "Advocates of homosexual practice often argue that 'gay marriage,' or at least homosexual civil unions, will reduce promiscuity and promote fidelity among homosexual persons." Gagnon shows two key points that this argument overlooks: (1) Embracing homosexual unions will undermine the institution of marriage. (2) "Gay marriage” is a contradiction in terms.

  • Pursue Complementarity, Not Compatibility — Owen Strachan

    Source: The Gospel Coalition - Posted: 7 years ago

    Dr. Owen Strachan contrasts the concepts of complementarity and compatibility, emphasizing the importance of the former in a marriage. He says, "Compatibility is great if you can get it, as Matt Chandler has said well. Good communication, specific care for one another, trying activities your spouse enjoys—such practices will help couples bond. We pray to grow together, not to grow apart, over the years. But ultimately, it’s not compatibility that will sustain and strengthen our marriages. It’s complementarity—anchored in Scripture, displayed most happily in Spirit-powered marriages, and fulfilled in the love of Christ and his bride."

  • Gay Christianity Refuted - James White (Podcast)

    Source: - Posted: about 8 years ago

    In this 2-part podcast, Dr. James White spends approximately 5 hours responding to and refuting a presentation by Matthew Vines, who claims the Bible doesn’t condemn homosexual relationships that are "loving and monogamous."

  • But What Does the Bible Say? — Kevin DeYoung

    Source: The Gospel Coalition - Posted: about 8 years ago

    In this article written the same day that the Supreme Court issued it's infamous Obergefell opinion, Kevin DeYoung takes us back to Scripture. He says, "If Jesus is right and the Scriptures were spoken by God himself (Matt. 19:4-5) and utterly unbreakable (John 10:35), then the place to start when it comes to something as fundamental as marriage is also the place to end, and that’s by asking the question 'But what does the Bible say?'"

  • A Discussion of the Bible and Homosexuality between Rob Gagnon and Daniel Kirk

    Source: Vimeo - Posted: about 8 years ago

    Dr. Robert Gagnon discusses the Bible's message on homosexuality with Dr. Daniel Kirk. Dr. Gagnon argues against homosexual practice, while Dr. Kirk argues in favor of "loving" and monogamous same-sex unions. Near the end of the presentation, Dr. Gagnon makes the point that if the words of Jesus Christ do not carry more weight with you than your personal feelings, then you aren't really treating Him as your Lord.

  • Queer Theory:  The Influence of Postmodernism - Steve Golden

    Source: Answers in Genesis - Posted: about 8 years ago

    In this article, Steve Golden explains why Christians should not use Queer Theory as a lens when interpreting the Bible. Queer Theory argues that the elevation of opposite-sex unions over same-sex ones was merely a social construct, and that the Bible's emphasis is on love and commitment rather than gender. Golden answers with the plain reading of the Bible: "Male and female He created them."

  • A Sermon on Divorce and Remarriage — Kevin DeYoung

    Source: The Gospel Coalition - Posted: about 8 years ago

    In this article adapted from one of his sermons, Kevin DeYoung brings the Bible to bear on the issue of divorce and remarriage, acknowledging that it is often a complicated issue. DeYoung articulates seven biblical principles on divorce and remarriage, in order to provide a framework which the church can use to address the plethora of divorce scenarios that exist today.

  • Transsexuality and Ordination - Rob Gagnon

    Source: - Posted: about 8 years ago

    Dr. Robert A. J. Gagnon explains transsexuality and how it relates to homosexuality. He says, "The issue of transsexuality is an extension of the issue of homosexuality. To understand rightly the problem with transsexuality one must first understand the problem with homosexual practice."

  • Debate: Gay Marriage? - James White vs Dee Bradshaw

    Source: Alpha & Omega Ministries - Posted: about 8 years ago

    In this 2-hour video, Dr. James White debates Dee Bradshaw, the Pastor of Sacred Light of Christ Church of Salt Lake City, UT (Metropolitan Community Church) on the subject of "gay marriage" and the Bible. Dr. White takes the position that the Bible does in fact condemn homosexual relationships, while Mr. Bradshaw argues that the Bible's "clobber passages" are not directed at "loving," monogamous same-sex relationships.

  • Are There Really ‘Gay Christians?’ - Steve Golden

    Source: Answers in Genesis - Posted: 8 years ago

    In this article, Steve Golden challenges Matthew Vine's argument that Christians can commit homosexual acts and still be right with God. Christians who experience same-sex desire should not commit the sin of homosexuality, but should instead flee temptation and desire to become more like Christ.

  • Leviticus 18 Expounded - James White (Sermon)

    Source: - Posted: 8 years ago

    In this sermon, Dr. James White does an excellent job of expounding the sexual prohibitions in Leviticus 18, and and explaining how they relate to us today.

  • The Bible’s Surprisingly Consistent Message on a Male-Female Requirement for Marriage - Rob Gagnon

    Source: - Posted: 8 years ago

    Rob Gagnon refutes arguments made by Jennifer Wright Knust, who claims that Christians can’t appeal to the Bible to justify opposition to homosexual practice, because the Bible provides no clear witness on the subject and is too flawed to serve as a moral guide.

  • “Gay Christian” Explains Why She Now Accepts Same-Sex Marriage - Denny Burk

    Source: - Posted: 8 years ago

    Denny Burk writes about Julie Rodgers' decision to abandon the biblical definition of marriage. He says, "Complementarians have been saying for decades that egalitarian readings of scripture will eventually give way to gay-affirming readings. While we are thankful that many egalitarians never made this leap, we cannot help but observe that their theological children have no problem making the connection. And they are doing so based on reading strategies that they learned from their egalitarian mentors. This was inevitable."

  • Why Homosexual Behavior Is More like Consensual Incest and Polyamory than Race/Gender - Rob Gagnon

    Source: - Posted: 8 years ago

    Dr. Robert A. J. Gagnon points out the problems with comparing homosexuality to race or gender, and shows how consensual incest and polyamory work much better as comparisons. He says, "The problem is that the analogy to race and gender doesn’t work well. Race and gender are 100% heritable, absolutely immutable, and primarily non-behavioral conditions of life, and therefore, intrinsically benign. Homosexuality and transsexuality are none of these things."

  • Can Christians Judge Gay ‘Marriage?’ - Ken Ham

    Source: Answers in Genesis - Posted: 8 years ago

    Ken Ham confronts the common belief that Christians are not supposed to judge, and therefore, cannot condemn "gay marriage." He says, "How can we judge that these actions are sin? Because we have an absolute authority by which all our actions must be judged—the authority of the Word of God. God obviously is the ultimate Judge, and He has given us His Word with which to judge actions."

  • A Biblical Response to Same-Sex ‘Marriage’ - Corey Abney (Video)

    Source: Answers in Genesis - Posted: 8 years ago

    After the recent Supreme Court Decision to redefine marriage, Dr. Corey Abney preached this 46-minute sermon on what the response of the church should be. The sermon was well-grounded in the Scriptures, starting with the creation account in Genesis and ending with the marriage supper of the Lamb in Revelation, which is what marriage is really about.

  • What About Ex-Ex-Gays? - Michael Brown

    Posted: 8 years ago

    Dr. Michael Brown refers to several stories of homosexuals who have reformed but then gone back to the homosexual lifestyle. He asks the question, "Do these significant failures demonstrate that change in sexual orientation is impossible?" He then gives six reasons why they don't.

  • Why Gay-Affirming Christians Can’t Accept the Inspiration of the Bible - Michael Brown

    Source: The Christian Post - Posted: 8 years ago

    Dr. Michael Brown explains why an acceptance of homosexual unions is incompatible with a high view of Scripture. He says, "The choice then, is simple: You can embrace the full authority and inspiration of the Scriptures, in which case you will be filled with love and compassion for those who identify as LGBT and proclaim the good news of forgiveness and new life to them, or you can endorse same-sex, committed relationships. But you cannot do both."

  • The Church and Homosexual Practice - Rob Gagnon (Video)

    Source: American Family Association - Posted: 8 years ago

    In this interview with the American Family Association, Dr. Robert A. J. Gagnon speaks on the general acceptance of homosexual behavior in mainline denominations, and explains why it is antithetical to the what the church ought to be.

  • Commentary on Leviticus 18:19-30 - Matthew Henry

    Source: BibleGateway - Posted: 8 years ago

    In this section of his complete commentary, Matthew Henry analyzes Leviticus 18:19-30, which contains several sexual prohibitions. He says, "A close and constant adherence to God’s ordinances is the most effectual preservative from the infection of gross sin. The more we taste of the sweetness and feel of the power of holy ordinances the less inclination we shall have to the forbidden pleasures of sinners’ abominable customs."

  • What Newsweek Doesn’t Get about the Bible - Rob Gagnon

    Source: First Things - Posted: 8 years ago

    Rob Gagnon critiques an article by Kurt Eichenwald, who claims that he is defending the Bible, including it's teaching on homosexuality. Gagnon shows that Eichenwald is in fact trying to undermine biblical authority.

  • Commentary on Leviticus 20:10-21 - Matthew Henry

    Source: BibleGateway - Posted: 8 years ago

    In this section of his complete commentary, Matthew Henry deals with the sex crimes listed in Leviticus 20:10-21. He says, "Sins against the seventh commandment are here ordered to be severely punished. These are sins which, of all others, fools are most apt to make a mock at; but God would teach those the heinousness of the guilt by the extremity of the punishment that would not otherwise be taught it."

  • How to Fight Addiction in a Pornographic Culture - Voddie Baucham (Video)

    Source: Desiring God - Posted: 8 years ago

    In this five-minute video, Voddie Baucham exposes the pornographic nature of our culture and provides men and women with a key tool necessary to fight addiction. He says, "We live in a pornographic culture and that is one of the things that makes it very difficult. We have been so inundated with pornography and as a result we are desensitized to pornography. The line at which we will say, 'That is pornographic' has been drawn so far out into the realm of the inappropriate, that we have people who dress pornographically and they are not bothered by it and we are not bothered by it anymore."

  • The Moral Insanity Grows Worse—Continuation of Review of James Brownson - James White (Video)

    Source: Alpha & Omega Ministries - Posted: 8 years ago

    Dr. James White spends some time discussing today’s events in the jailing of Kim Davis, and then goes back into his review of James Brownson’s presentation on Romans 1.