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    Defending Marriage Staff - July 06, 2015

    Defending Marriage is a ministry of Hope Baptist Church in Wake Forest, NC. The church prays that the web site will be useful to educate the church regarding the breaking news, the opinions and the biblical foundations that should inform the thinking of Christians.

    Defending marriage is the central moral, social and political responsibility of the church in our day. Why? Because the question of same sex marriage strikes at the heart of the christian system of morality and the function, order and authority of the two genders God has created. The question of same sex marriage causes a re-evaluation of that system of morality and social structure.

    This resource follows the news stories, delivers the biblical arguments for marriage between a man and a woman, documents the legislative activity around the nation, identifies the social impact, profiles political leaders, presents the important voices and tracks the persecution of the church.

    It is a reporting clearinghouse featuring the breaking news stories surrounding the debate over marriage. Ultimately we want to do the following:

    1. Deliver the news for an informed Christian populace.
    2. Encourage pastors and church members to be faithful to scripture.
    3. Present the arguments.
    4. Identify the best voices who are defending marriage from scripture alone.
    5. Create a database of biblical arguments to fight the battle.
    6. Inform the church of who is remaining faithful and who is abandoning orthodoxy.
    7. Track the persecution of the church so that Christians can intercede and come alongside to help.
    8. Identify the institutions, companies and political figures and their positions on the issue of same sex marriage.

    When we are talking about marriage from a christian and explicitly biblical perspective, we are always talking about something much greater than marriage. Marriage is an earthly, and temporal state that is designed to glorify something greater - the gospel of an everlasting kingdom. This is why you cannot understand marriage if you do not understand the gospel. You cannot know how to be married and stay married unless you understand the gospel. Further, you cannot understand marriage without understanding manhood and womanhood as it is presented in the Bible.

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    Defending Marriage is a ministry of Hope Baptist Church that documents the breaking news, tracks the persecution and provides the biblical arguments surrounding the debate over the definition of marriage. You can sign up for email updates from Defending Marriage here.