• Public Wants Charges Against CJ Moore Dismissed, WA School Makes Bathrooms Gender-Neutral

    Defending Marriage Staff - June 29, 2016

    Monday, June 27 — the Alabama Court of the Judiciary filed papers stating that members of the court have received an increasing amount of phone calls and emails from members of the public about the case against Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore (R).

    “These points of contact have come primarily from individuals expressing support for Chief Justice Moore.” The Court says that they do not believe that the Chief Justice is encouraging his supporters to contact the members of the courts; but is asking that the parties in the case discourage such contact. If you would like to contact Judge J. Michael Joiner and ask him to dismiss the charges against CJ Moore, you can call his office at 334-229-0733.

    Wednesday, June 23 — Parental rights and student privacy in Washington state suffered another setback when the Snohomish School District voted 6-0 to change its policy on how its schools manage student gender identity issues.

    The school board voted in favor of opening up all locker rooms, showers, changing facilities, and bathrooms to students of any gender or biological sex.

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